Get All the Dirt on the New JB Holland Construction Logo

Grading a Path Forward

Get All the Dirt on the New JB Holland Construction Logo

While many know we’ve been implementing our growth and modernization plans including moving into a new facility in 2022, JB Holland Construction has also been in the creative Work Zone the last few months undergoing a company rebrand. We feel our new logo matches our refreshed and futuristic outlook — and we hope you dig it, too!

JB Holland

You may notice the logo’s bold font, which signifies strength — the strength of our heavy equipment, our employees and our company. This combined strength is what moves projects forward successfully and on budget and deadline.

As you can see, the “H” in Holland stands out to represent the entire family of Holland employees, who encompass our values of doing what’s right for our customers, taking great pride in our workmanship and safety track record, and being family- and community-minded. The “H” will be used as a standalone logo icon in some applications, such as on our trucks.

It probably comes as no surprise that we’ve included the color black in our logo. Black represents the dirt we love to show who is boss, as we stabilize soil, excavate landfill and sewer lagoons, and put the finishing touches on all of our site work. Black also symbolizes the bold and strong industries JB Holland Construction specializes in — renewable & alternative energy site development, utility pipework and industrial, commercial and residential site development.

JB Holland is serious about maintaining a safe environment that complies with federal, state and local safety regulations. If you know the JB Holland brand, you are probably not surprised our new logo has gold in it.

Gold stands for the gold standard of safety and represents quality workmanship in the road construction industry, which has been a cornerstone of our business for the last 70-plus years.

Although our logo has changed, our commitment to get down and dirty to move your projects forward remains steadfast.


Our new motto is Grading the Path Forward. We have a futurist vision for this earth that we move and uphold our commitment to being good stewards of this land. Our environmental and renewable energy work continues to be a growing sector of our business. But no matter the business that you are in, we’re always focused on Grading the Path Forward successfully, safely and sustainably.